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sukanto Kuri
Jun 28, 2022
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If you are working on lead generation , you already know that you need Photo Retouching to have a landing page to direct traffic there and get visitors to leave their data. Although the basic objective of all landing pages is the same ( convert visitors into leads ), there are different types depending on their structure. Choosing one or the other will depend on your goals and preferences, but the first step is to know what they can offer you. So let's see the 5 great types of landing pages that can help you in your lead generation. Do you want to know how to improve your Photo Retouching landing pages to capture leads or increase your sales? Click here and download our free course. Generation-of-leads-types-of-landing-pages 5 types of landing Photo Retouching pages to generate leads 1) Main site This type of landing page is the most basic , since the landing page is simply part of your main corporate website and behaves like one more page of it. Mainsite -type landing pages have the same design and navigation as the main website, which makes the user transition smoothly and does not create a sense of discontinuity, while reinforcing branding. In addition to its simplicity, mainsite-type landing pages offer the advantage of being very useful for SEO positioning. By being on the same domain as the main web page, it conveys its authority to you, which is beneficial for Photo Retouching long-term rankings. In addition, it is possible to direct traffic directly from the home page of the site. At Cyberclick, we can see an example on the landing page we created to promote an ebook on funnel advertising . The landing shares the same design based on red tones and the same navigation Photo Retouching as our main site. In it, we include information on what the funnel advertising methodology consists of and we encourage visitors to download a related ebook. In order to receive it in their email, they have to fill out a form and enter our database, thus achieving the objective of generating leads. Types of Landing Pages - Mainsite

sukanto Kuri

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