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The Elephant Foundation was founded with the goal to change the culture surrounding how women are treated socially, culturally and professionally. We provide a platform for women to share their experiences, either anonymously or not, and provide support to women in need. As part of that commitment, we've partnered with Easy Period to provide feminine products to women across North America, free of charge. Together, let's change the culture.

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Morgan Vera

“Being a woman in today’s society looks much different than it once did. The way women are treated socially, culturally and professionally has definitely improved but we still have always to go before we are treated as equals. Being a woman in today’s society means I have to think twice about wearing my favourite shirt to work because it’s form fitting and I don’t want to be a target for sexual harassment. It means I don’t feel comfortable being in a public gym in my workout appropriate clothing because again, it could make me a target for sexual-harassment. As a woman in today’s society I want equal pay for careers we can do just as well as men. I want to be judged for my work ethic before I’m judged on my gender. I’d like to wear clothing that makes me feel happy and confident without worrying if people will think I am asking to be objectified. I want my feelings to be valid even when I’m having my period given that women are seen as too emotional and hormonal during this time. As a woman in today’s society I want to be treated as an equal! I know if we continue to speak out and support each other this change can and will happen!” - Morgan

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